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SO UH the city where I work at (neighboring to where I currently live) has a massive water problem, no water at all anywhere, so boss was like “no yeah fuck this go home lmao” and I’m here early let’s play some Hades 2 lmao

ive been away from arknights for a few months and came back recently. I went to try Is4 and... am I getting something wrong or is the early experience of it completely miserable? like sure i may be rusted and havent learned all the ins and outs of each map but it also feels like even on floor 1 everything has harsh requirements of your team while also giving you nothing in return. does it gets better as i unlock the tree of buffs? thanks in advance


No upgrades N0 is on a similar ballpark of hard as N15 with a full tree, according to some. I don’t know for certain if that’s the case, but as someone who suffered greatly to complete N0 no upgrades and then beat N15 on the first try, I can at least say, yeah, different kind of hard, but it’s very hard to open IS4 on your first runs.

The tree certainly makes things much easier, but map knowledge is huge this time around; it always is, but moreso in IS4. In general, you want Block, Healing, and Crowd Control. Damage goes without saying in a Tower Offense game, but being able to inflict control is huge, and in general, blocking enemies is important this time around because Collapsal-type enemies all have gimmicks centered around Movement Speed, and in higher Natures, you are not bursting them before they run past you, especially Shattered Champions, unless you have a god assortment of relics, which you don’t every run.

gallusrostromegalus: “kurtssingh: “ ranty9000: “ anentirestarwar: “ gallusrostromegalus: “ I love this picture because nobody is in any kind of recognizable fencing stance. • Adi Gallia is holding a boquet for a Prom pic. • Mace is about to knock a...






I love this picture because nobody is in any kind of recognizable fencing stance.

  • Adi Gallia is holding a boquet for a Prom pic.
  • Mace is about to knock a curveball into the stands
  • Yoda is swinging a broom at a spider on the ceiling
  • Ki-Adi-Muni is taking a creepy tinder selfie
  • Obi-wan is on Coruscant’s next Top Model and Space-Tyra has just told him “Play golf, but make it Fashion”
  • And Anakin Skywalker is grinding his flat ass on an stripper pole.

To be fair, all of these are entirely in character.

Most of these don’t even match the actual lightsaber combat forms lol


The descriptions are so hilarious I have to do this. XDDDDD

I had not seen the illustrations!!



Latest tech pet peeve is the use of the term “AI” to refer to basically anything that does any amount of automation or uses computers in any way

I keep seeing takes about them using AI to blend features in Furiosa, and have been shocked to find out that they’re using the term “AI” to describe what is basically just the current iteration of a technology that’s existed at least as long as I’m alive. Zero jobs are stolen, zero creativity lost, zero labor issues at play, just VFX professionals paid to apply a digital effect. Five years ago, that same technology would’ve been referred to as “CGI” or “VFX.”

Like, I’ve seen people apply the term “AI” to software that’s existed long before any of the current AI or Machine Learning booms, like tools that can remove the background to make a transparent image, tools that can detect red-eye in photographs and correct it, etc.

I fully get, and agree with, the opposition to using generative AI for things like art or writing or creation of assets! My confusion is in seeing tech companies now try to slap the term “AI” on literally every automated feature they have. Calculator? Nope. Math AI. Translation algorithm? Nope. AI translation. Ray tracing? Nope. AI that renders light.

I swear to god tech companies want developers to just put “powered by AI” under literally any digital feature now, even features they’ve had for years, to make them seem “cutting edge,” and my tinfoil hat theory is that they’re trying to get the term “AI” to replace the term “software” to make the people who are opposed to the labor-rights-violating, job-stealing, “boss threatens to replace you with it if your wages and benefits prove too expensive” AI seem like backwards luddites who hate technology


tbh i always think it’s quite a shame when a game designed around one-to-one duel-style combat gives you a final boss that’s just a big guy that you have to jump onto a platform and attack the weak point of, cause it completely throws out all the complexities of its own combat system




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